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Token Launch

Wehub Network BNB token will start it's pre-sale round 1 on Friday March 18 2022 @ $0.0075 USD per WEHUB Token.

Round 2 Starts April 02 2022 @ $0.009 USD pre WEHUB Token. DM @NunezTheGreat on Telegram for more info.

BEWARE of scammers and always double check user names on any chat platform.

Soft cap 100 BNB for first 10% of planned road map. Swap platform with Liquidty, Farms, Pools. Plus Exchange listing on a CEX..

Hard cap 1,000 BNB upto 75% of planned road map. IFO, ILO, NFT Mining and market, NFT Staking. WehubSpace apple iSO app and ugrade. Plus Liquidty for WEHUB token.

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About Us is the combination of two core ideas between two freedom loving Americans. The first core idea is providing a communication platform that will allow members from all over the world the ability to exercise the freedom of speech as described in the Bill of Rights in the U.S Constitution. The second core idea being to buck the current trends of major multimedia platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and many others in restricting folk's ability to express their views and opinions without fear of being banned or canceled. Political correctness has reared its ugly head and has caused for many individuals regardless of status or income level to be removed from platforms that used to be champions of the 1st amendment. Wehub stands as the digital wild west and early days of the internet where people had true freedom to express their likes and interests with other individuals that share those same passions.

Starting life as a community project, Wehub space has accomplished a lot to ensure the platform thrives and provides a pleasant experience. The team behind Wehub space has provided several user interface updates, integrated various services to increase user interaction on the platform, and improved the overall security of the platform for both desktop and mobile users. From selling an item in the Wehub marketplace to starting an enthusiast group page, Wehub allows users to engage without fear of being “canceled” or banned for their opinion. The world is filled with people with different opinions and viewpoints making it impossible to have a true black and white answer. Though we may not agree with everything someone says, the fastest way to lose your ability to express yourself is by taking away the ability from those you don't approve of. Thus is a space for those that are tired of the current trends on communication platforms and looking for a change of scenery. Wehub’s motto is “Freedom is not a state, it is an act”. We at Wehub choose to act and give a voice to the voiceless!

Jared B

Co-Founder/Lead Dev

Fernando N.



Easy Payments

Easy and fast payments. Wehub Network can be ran from any wallet that supports BNB tokens

Secure Cloud

Wehub Network token is secured by BNB blockchain.


Can be sent to anyone around the world within seconds.

Our Project

Wehub Network already has platforms up and running. We provide users to grow and express themselves without judgement.

  • WehubSpace - social media site
  • Paidsfans - Paid content creator site
  • Filerepo - Cloud file hosting


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